- Steadicam / Camera Operator | Lighting Camera Operator

UK / Australian Citizen (Australian & British passport holder)


Available to work throughout Ireland / UK / Europe and Australia without a work visa. Will work worldwide.
Home base County Wicklow, Ireland

Fully insured worldwide

Equipment is travel ready


My rate packages are very reasonable and accommodating to a wide range of projects, including *low budget / Indy. (*Conditions apply)

Email me for my rate card.

In relation to Steadicam.

Note: To those 'unfamiliar' with hiring a professional Steadicam Owner Operator and highlight to many who contact offering unrealistic token rates, please read the following.

This is my full time career, including expensive specialised equipment (often the same if not more value than a cine camera package), on-going upkeep/upgrades, continuous skill refinement, declared income tax, prep/cleaning time either side of the hire, fitness and insurance costs. Therefore not feasible in offering services to work and include my equipment for student /under valued type rates and 'all crew is on the same rate offer' which do not factor in or fully appreciate all the highlighted elements, not to mention the production value gained.  I am sure you can respect that operating a full size Steadicam is a mentally and physically demanding skill, which takes dedication and 'years' of experience to master and operate, and at times all day long with fully kitted up heavy camera payloads with the precision needed and expected. 

I really enjoy indie's and fully understand tighter budgets, which is why I have introduced a Special Low Budget/Indie Rate (only available at my discretion/conditions apply/genuine low budget only/non negotiable terms - please email for T&C's) that still offers feasibility to myself/the production and a baseline value rate to what has been highlighted, thank you.

Regular cameras I fly, but not limited to...

Arri Alexa range / Amira

Red cinema camera range / Red - Panavision

Sony professional camera range 

Canon C range

Blackmagic range

Panasonic professional range

AJA Cion

Experienced in:

Feature Films, Drama, Television - Live / Recorded, Television Series, Shorts, Music Videos, Promotional Films,

Outside Broadcast, Multi-Cam... 


Work History

1994 - Present

Cinematographer / Director of Photography (Former)

Steadicam Operator 

Camera Operator

Gimbal &/or Steadicam Operator Combo

Lighting Camera Operator

Pedestal Camera Operator


Shooting Director







Crew Management


'Life' Member Since 2005

'Full' Member Since 1994

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