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After many years flying Tiffen & Cinema Products Steadicams, The 'Ultra2' / 'Master Film' series, right down to my first rig.. 'Cine Products - Model 2', I found a heavy duty camera stabilising system, fully 100% customised modular system, that is future proof and easy to upgrade with any Steadicam brand as needed. Ability to configure to any job and project size, able to fly any kitted up cine and television camera, including 3D set ups if required, (Arri Alexa & LF / Red range, Sony F65, Panavision, 35mm etc). 

Swiss made and designed. 

13.2lbs/6kg to 66lbs/30kg camera payload


Rock solid 2" wide carbon fibre post, zero vibrations,

Betz-Tools' "Wave 1" - Horizon Electronic Stabliser. 3 x V/lock battery mounts ('Red Camera' battery information able), 24/12V Lemo full load power box / Lemo Cabling, HD-SDI / HDMI, Modular top stage..mounted with a light weight Arri hybrid bridge plate / Arri clip on camera mount - also mounts any Arri style camera plate (No plate changing needed between steadicam / tripod / handheld), All Arri Range / Red - Camera Power Cables from Rig.

7" Atomos Shogun Flame Monitor, Shape monitor cage, daylight viewable (1500nit), 5" Low Mode (2500nit) Monitor, always onboard for quick Low Mode change over.



Full 16 spring package (13.2lbs/6kg to 66lbs/30kg camera payload) It's a unique modular spring system, 26 ball bearing and milled construction, 7075 "Aircraft" aluminium. The arm is known to be one of the "softest" arms available, with its large 37" (96cm) boom range,  one of the best arms on the market in my opinion and the only one to offer a precise lift to cater the exact payload with its changeable spring modules.



Flowcine xSpine / xBone (Brand new design 2021)

The xSPINE vest is the world’s first universal vest made for all kinds of camera operators in mind, made for versatility and movability. The xSPINE can currently be used for Steadicam™ operation both as front and back mount in various configurations. It also allows the operator to mount a gimbal support system. All parts are made with strong carbon fiber and/or low weight aluminum, creating a rigid cage that equally distributes the carried payload in the best way possible.

Anton Bauer 'Digital Series' V/Lock Battery Kit (Flight safe)

Hard-Mount (Flowcine) 

- Vehicle / Rickshaw and Pole mountable

Filmcart.EU Smartone Steadicam Cart


Electronic gimbals can be attached instead of the sled.


15/19mm various components & accessories to suit the camera set up.

ACS Former 'Cinematographer Member'

1994 - 2017


ACO 'Full Member' Since 2020 

SOA 'Life Member' Since 2005

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