Anthony is a seasoned Steadicam / Camera Operator and Lighting Camera Operator working in both the film and television industry worldwide. 

He has had the privilege to work alongside award winning directors, DOP's and producers on various feature films, television shows, music, broadcast TV / networks, shorts and as a Cinematographer on 100's of TV / Cinema Commercials for world leading brands.


Local hire Ireland / NI & Adelaide

* (Note: Adelaide hire, a week or more for feasibility

Available throughout the UK/EU/AUS without a work visa. Homebase in Greystones, County Wicklow Ireland, with away bases in England/NI & Adelaide. His high end, future proof Steadicam is able to fly the heaviest kitted up camera payloads, such as the Arri Alexa range, including Alexa 65 / Red / F65. With years of experience behind the lens, he can collaborate easily with the DP and Director to help utilise the Steadicam in the best cinematic way suitable.


In February 2020 Anthony was welcomed as a 'Full Member' of the ACO 'Association of Camera Operators', and with that, the privilege of using the letters ACO in credits or print with his name, he is also a 'Life Member' of SOA 'Steadicam Operators Association' & former 'Cinematographer Member' of the ACS 'Australian Cinematographers Society'. 

Anthony began his career at one of Australia’s leading & multi-award winning production companies of the time, Pepper Studios, in the position of Lighting Camera Operator and the studio’s / equipment technician. In September 1997, he left to join the freelance world to further develop his skills on a broader scope and to have the creative freedom to find his own unique style.

Anthony moved from his home of Adelaide, South Australia to Ireland in May 2006, to widen his horizons, for professional and personal reasons. Now married to an Irish girl, working throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and America.






email: steadi.ant@gmail.com

phone: +353 85 729 1335

       +44 73 879 47169


ACS Former 'Cinematographer Member'

1994 - 2017

SOA 'Life Member' Since 2005

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